Xerreth, land of forsaken, lay under the shadows of Islus massive floating citadels descended from the stars. Borne within came the Illithids, powerful alien creatures who propagate by unleashing thier symbiotic offspring upon new worlds consuming the minds of sentient creatures, and the resources of thier world. Xerreth has proven difficult to conquer three of the Islus destroyed more damaged. So the illithids turned to new tactics, forming an alliance with the tribes of Varsie, supplying them terrible weapons and technology to wage war on the peoples of Xerreth. So Rose the Illithian Empire and a war which spans the known world. mages with thier enslaved dragons or the undead legions of the faceless queen, Nor the Giants of Trinnith Kor, can manage more than to hold the minions of the Illithian. Yet prophecy says the gods, forsaken by thier children shall rise anew, strength and faith shall call to the chosen. The long Exiled orders of Priests are returning from beyond the Grealand wastes, pilgrims returning home. Now it is said that a vault lies hidden somewhere upon Xerreth inside which is contained a great power from the times when gods walked the earth, something even they feared.Something the Illithids want and something the peoples of Xerreth now need.

Descending Darkness